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Friends of White Dove Society (FWDS)


Friends of White Dove Society (FWDS) is a group of young volunteers having a zeal and urge towards social work. Established in 13th April 2011 with 25 active, dedicated and enthusiastic members, it has now expanded with more than 75 young volunteers. Now it has been proved to be an open platform to learn and provide something to society and nation through volunteerism. It is not only the place to help other but is the open space to explore oneself. Based on the principle "Youth Volunteerism for NationBuilding" it is working continually for the promotion of the youth Volunteerism so as to prepare youth responsible towards society.


WDS-Nepal first find the youths who are interested to be volunteer social mobilizer and then go to selection process on the basis of their qualification and other skills. When they are qualified and selected, they are eligible and capable to sit on the social mobilizer training. This volunteer social mobilizer training is given priority to women or girls because they can understand the real problems of community and solve them. After the training, they are able to empower and make skillful for self-dependent and practical change of community.



The training is basically for social volunteer teacher for literacy class, financial management class, micro-enterprises promotion, environment protection and for other awareness programs. Social entrepreneurs and expertise also invited as guest trainer in training so that women and girls volunteer can be more confident and more skillful to face with social problems and to facilitate the community towards peace, prosperity and community development. 


FWDS provides volunteering opportunity platform for young people of national and international. WDS-Nepal involves young people in community service projects that are challenging, rewarding and educational. This also promotes among young people a greater understanding and appreciation for the diversity of their community. Volunteers are deployed to different strategic locations. Similarly WDS-Nepal encourages young people to act against corruption through volunteerism at local to national level. Develop life skills in youth and deploy them for the local community development process. Equip and provide volunteers with a platform to link their academic learning into practical life. Provide vocational skills for those who missed school education or dropped out from their education. Make youth more proactive with regard to social transformation and fighting against existing discrimination.


 FWDS is for:


      Volunteers for research and internship

      Child care and early childhood development

      School library, e-library and school construction

      Orphanage Homes and Rehabilitation center

      Community Health and MedicalCenter

      Youth and child clubs facilitation

      Construction and Manual Work

      Fundraising and Grant Writing

     Environment and Water Research

     Environment and Agro Forestry

      Teaching English in Nepalese community Schools

      Teaching Yoga Volunteer

      Women’s Empowerment

      Volunteer Agro Farm

      Volunteers for Nepali festival celebration




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Title: Volunteers White Dove Society-Nepal (WDS-Nepal),working for a peace building, prosperity, education, and community development   White Dove Society-Nepal (WDS-Nepal),working for a peace building, prosperity, education, and community development
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