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Goals and Objectives


  • To increase youth, women and underprivileged meaningful participation by promoting democratic culture in politics, decision making level and development by empowering them.
  • To enhance the programs related to climate change, natural resources in order to prevent environmental degradation and unmanaged settlement.
  • To conduct various programs and development activities on health, education, social justice, sustainable peace, drinking water and sanitation by developing capacity of youth and youth groups for the strengthen of children, girls, women, disables, marginalized, minorities, indigenous group of people.
  • To promote income generating programs in order to increase the level of income of people, attracting them towards agriculture, micro-finance and small scaled industry in rural area with the intention of uplifting their living standard.
  • To exchange national and international volunteers for community research and tourism development on multi sectors of its working area.
  • To conduct activities of capacity enhancement for institutional development and promote human resource development within WDS, among members, partners and volunteers.

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Title: Goals Objectives   White Dove Society-Nepal (WDS-Nepal),working for a peace building, prosperity, education, and community development
Description:  White Dove Society of Nepal Mission is To empower and mobilize youths, women and underprivileged on different dimensions of society including social justice, sustainable peace, human rights, educational promotion, environmental protection and sustain
Keywords: Goals Objectives youth, volunteer, Nepal, Kathnamdu, literacy, Peace, Community development, Human Right, Rapti, Dang  
youth, volunteer, Nepal, Kathnamdu, literacy, Peace, Community development, Human Right, Rapti, Dang