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WDS-Nepal organizes a regular monthly meeting where brain storming and discussions in various youth and contemporary issues are conduced. Volunteers are being regularly engaged in different programs and trainings to empower and motivate them towards social work and volunteerism.Besides, WDS has organized as well as actively participated in various rallies, seminars, camps and workshops regarding youth related issues.


Ongoing and recent activities of WDS are:

  • Social Mobilization Training for Young Volunteers 
  • 5 days Volunteer teacher’s training  
  • Local resource identification workshop
  • Peace Magazine Publication
  • Financial management training for women
  • Youth and Climate Change
  • Youth Participation Peace And Development
  • Days Celebration (Youth Day, Peace Day, Human Right Day, Environment)


Past activities and Achievements of WDS are: 

  • Professional skill development of its members. 
  • Leadership development in the youths.
  • collections of used books for a library
  • Financial management training for Women and girls 
  • Extension of co-operation and co-ordinations with different district and national level organizations.
  • Spontaneous fund collection from the active members of the organization.


Proposed programs and opportunities for the Fiscal year 2070/071

  • Help to generate regular income growth of the organization and excel programs to promote youth entrepreneurship.
  • Run program on micro-enterprizes which help to enhance the livelihood of underprivillaged people 
  • Professional development programs for its associated members (Proposal Writing and policy making).
  • literacy classes for illetrate people especilly for women 
  • Submit proposals to at least ten different organizations.
  • Conduct youth exchange programs inter national and international level.
  • To act out in at least three different projects.
  • Assist and affirm the agenda of youth employ and self employment in the process of constitution writing.
  • Environment protection and awareness programs 

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Title: Activities White Dove Society-Nepal (WDS-Nepal),working for a peace building, prosperity, education, and community development   White Dove Society-Nepal (WDS-Nepal),working for a peace building, prosperity, education, and community development
Keywords: Activities  
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