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Society under WDS-Nepal

  •        Environmental and Energy protection Society (EEPS)
  •       Volunteer Initiatives Society (VIS)
  •       Women Deliverance committee(WDC)
  •       Youth Peace Club (YPC)
  •       Agricultural Promotion Society (APS)
  •       Health and Education for Livelihood Promotion Society (HELPS)



Women Deliverance Committee (WDC)

 The women are deprived from each and every activity like education, decision making and financial management in the western part of Nepal. The women group has named: ‘Women Deliverance committee’ where women members is involved   visioning to create a self-reliant society with gender equality. WDC is created under the White Dove Society-Nepal in which women members from Rapti Zone is involved   visioning to create a self-reliant society with gender equality. They work to empower the community through group formation and creating gender awareness. Violence against women is one of their major areas for advocacy, and working against bad cultural practices such as accusing widow as witch, deprivation of education, women and girls slavery system of society and so on.

 Achievements: On their own initiative, WDS-Nepal formed community groups to support women facing violence in their homes, supporting to micro enterprise development and make economical activities group and presented several cases to the local Authorities for resolution. WDS collaborated and coordinated with other I/NGOs to deliverance them and increase their level of livelihood.

 WDS-Nepal funded project: The project fostered behavioral change through group mobilization and developing peer facilitators to communicate gender messages to women as they carry on their daily work - at the water tap, etc. WDS is developing a manual for peer facilitators to spread the gender message. The project includes literate to illiterate women, financial management training, income generating through goat-raising, opening tailoring center, collecting money in women group and solve their problems

 Services: Gender equality and equity training, organizational assessments, violence against women programs, saving and credit mobilization, safe motherhood training, nutrition and women health volunteers training, women's literacy, training of trainers, financial management training. 

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Women's Deliverance Committee (WDC)




Some photo graphs related to women group (WDC)


WDS-Nepal first find the women or girls who are interested to be volunteer social mobilizer and then go to selection process on the basis of their qualification and other skills. When they are qualified and selected,  they are eligible and capable to sit on the social mobilizer training.








This volunteer social mobilizer training is especially for women or girls. After the training, they are able to empower and make skillful for self-dependent and practical change of community. The training is basically for social volunteer teacher for literacy class, financial management class, micro-enterprises promotion and for other awareness programs.     


Social entrepreneurs and expertise also invited as guest trainer in training so that women and girls volunteer can be more confident and more skillful to face with social problems and to facilitate the community towards peace, prosperity and community development. 







The  women are single women living in Rolpa District and united to work together to be self-dependent and self-reliant and working against bad cultural practices such as accusing widow as witch, deprivation of education and searching for equitable right to live in society.





Women group who are involving in saving monthly and mobilization of their own saving and loan. WDS-Nepal helps by providing financial management training, literacy class and way of living by social mobilizer. The low income groups of women have been running small enterprises by taking loans from their own group and interested to open women led cooperative


Most of the Tharu people are illiterate; especially Tharu women are more illiterate and unaware about their right. Sunita Chaudhary, Volunteer Social mobilizer  of WDS, is teaching them in Tharu and Nepali language. The Tharu women are very much happy to participate in literacy class.





Sabina Khatun has quality of leadership and forwardness. She represents the Muslim community where women are illiterate and deprived from their various right also. She is a member of WDS and Volunteer Social mobilizer also. She  is teaching and training them in Muslim and Nepali language so that they can understand properly.







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