Description of Organization

White Dove Society-Nepal (WDS-Nepal) is a Non political, non religious, Non Governmental, Nonprofit  organization registered at the District Administration Office, Dang under the Society Registration Act, 1978, and is affiliated to the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu. It was established in 2011 to foster peace, prosperity, education and sustainable community development. Its central office located in Dang, expanding different offices in other working areas in the western part of Nepal and a Coordination Office in Kathmandu. Its PAN card No. is 305796428 and tax exemption certificate received from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), Tulsipur, Nepal. The basic norms of the WDS are to empower communities using their own resources and to take initiatives on dynamics of development. The major strategy of the organization since its beginning is activation and mobilization of youths.

The main objective of WDS is to empower underprivileged people to make them aware of their own resources, rights and improve their access to education, at the same time, to run livelihood programs to uplift their poor economic condition.  Its activities have been gearing towards fostering discussions on current political, human rights, good governance, and health, empowerment of youths and women, economic, environmental and social problems. Organization also played a prominent role in facilitating the youths and underprivileged communities, victims of conflict and those involved in conflicts with the hope of getting various opportunities which helps peace building in the society and also due acknowledge the significance of gender balance.

WDS encourages & promotes youth & youth volunteer groups to community development, agricultural development, peace building process and other social activities. WDS searches from common ground and working for grassroots level targeting peace building, education, sustainable community development, women empowerment, Infrastructure, Health, Environment, Micro finance development and support.

Vision Envisions peaceful, prosperous, educated and developed society with having meaningful participation of youth, women and underprivileged.

Mission To empower and mobilize youths, women and underprivileged on different dimensions of society including social justice, sustainable peace, human rights, educational promotion, environmental protection and sustainable development and to mobilize youth volunteers to explore and access the local resources and help the development of society. 

Goals and Objectives

  • To increase youth, women and underprivileged meaningful participation by promoting democratic culture in politics, decision making level and development by empowering them.
  • To enhance the programs related to climate change, natural resources in order to prevent environmental degradation and unmanaged settlement.
  • To conduct various programs and development activities on health, education, social justice, sustainable peace, drinking water and sanitation by developing capacity of youth and youth groups for the strengthen of children, girls, women, disables, marginalized, minorities, indigenous group of people.
  • To promote income generating programs in order to increase the level of income of people, attracting them towards agriculture, micro-finance and small scaled industry in rural area with the intention of uplifting their living standard.
  • To exchange national and international volunteers for community research and tourism development on multi sectors of its working area.
  • To conduct activities of capacity enhancement for institutional development and promote human resource development within WDS, among members, partners and volunteers.


Some fundamental core values of WDS:

Movement orientation:– we are primarily an activist led organization
member-based approach:–membership of WDS is available to all people of Nepal
Mutual respect and equal dignity:– we recognize and promote the individual rights and obligations of all human beings
Equal and equitable opportunity:– we provide equal and equitable and opportunity regardless of age, gender, disability, caste or religion
Ownership:– we all are responsible for our own actions and must take personal ownership in order to achieve our objectives
Service orientation: – we focus equally on donor and beneficiary satisfaction
Transparency:– we believe that openness and transparency in decision making and operations strengthens capacity and confidence
Participation:– we encourage everyone to contribute and believe in involvement

Working Areas/Disciplines 

WDS-Nepal is working for the overall political, economical, educational, and environmental and community development.  Some of the scopes of the WDS are: 

Peace Building, Human Rights Protection and Good Governance
Rehabilitation and Community Development
Gender, Health and Sanitation
Education and Capacity Development
Art and Culture
Agriculture and Water Resource
Environment and Bio-diversity
Climate Change
Forest and Non Timber Forest Products
Volunteer Mobilization and Exchange

Friends of White Dove Society (FWDS) is a group of young volunteers having a zeal and urge towards social work. Established in 13th April 2011 with 25 active, dedicated and enthusiastic members, it has now expanded with more than 75 young volunteers. Now it has been proved to be an open platform to learn and provide something to society and nation through volunteerism. It is not only the place to help other but is the open space to explore oneself. Based on the principle "Youth Volunteerism for Nation Building" it is working continually for the promotion of the youth Volunteerism so as to prepare youth responsible towards society.


WDS organizes a regular monthly meeting where brain storming and discussions in various youth and contemporary issues are conduced. Volunteers are being regularly engaged in different programs and trainings to empower and motivate them towards social work and volunteerism.Besides, WDS has organized as well as actively participated in various rallies, seminars, camps and workshops regarding youth related issues.

Some of the recent activities of WDS are:

  1. Social Mobilization Training for Young Volunteers on 2nd Aug 2008.
  2. 5 days Volunteer teacher’s training  on 26th July 2008
  3. Local resource identification workshop
  4. Peace Magazine Publication
  5. Financial management training for women
  6. Youth and Climate Change
  7. Youth Participation Peace And Development
  8. Days Celebration (Youth Day, Peace Day, Human Right Day, Environment)


Literacy movement program is running in Gadhawa Village Development Committee (VDC), Dang District of   Nepal. 63 social mobilizer are working as volunteers teachers to literate 1826 illiterate people. Those illiterate people are  15 to 60 in their age. And other 10 supervisors are also monitoring the classes   as voluntarily. For this project, Informal Education Center Nepal has supported partially. 

Organization information

Organization:-                White Dove Society-Nepal
Address:-                       Ghorahi-11,Dang,B.P chowk, Rapti, Nepal
Phone:-                          00977-082-561327 / Mob. 9841772247
Contact Person:              Surendra Rijal
Phone:-                          00977-9841772247
Facebook Page      

Establish Date:               2067-12-30 (2011/04/13)
Last Renewal Date:         2070-06-20 (2013/10/06)
PAN No:                          305796428

District administrative office, Dang:    851/066/67
Social Welfare Council:                        32283/067/68
NGO Federation Nepal:                        on process

WDS Organization Structure